Black T50 Staples A11 Upholstery Staples

Black Color Upholstery Staples 22 Gauge and T50 Style

jctla's black colored upholstery staples for canvas and art projects

Introduction: We Offer Quality, Black Colored Upholstery Staples. Beyond the realm of traditional upholstery, these staples prove to be a game-changer for canvas and art projects, offering not only functionality but also a touch of aesthetic brilliance.

Camouflaging Staples for Artistic Flair: One of the standout features of our Black Colored Upholstery Staples is their ability to blend seamlessly into canvas and art projects. The black color not only serves a functional purpose but also adds an element of sophistication to your creations. Say goodbye to visible staples that disrupt the visual harmony of your artwork – these staples are designed to hide in plain sight, allowing your creativity to take center stage.

Use them for your next upholstery project or canvas art project. The 20-Gauge size, with its 3/8-inch (10mm) crown and 3/8-inch (10mm) long length, provides the perfect balance for securing materials without compromising the overall aesthetics of your projects. Whether you're working on canvas, fabric, or mixed media, our black colored upholstery staples prove to be a versatile companion.

Durability Meets Artistry: Beyond their visual appeal, these staples are built to withstand the test of time. The black color not only adds an artistic touch but also serves as a protective coating, guarding against corrosion and ensuring longevity. Create with confidence, knowing that your art projects will not only look stunning but also stand the test of time.

Ease of Use for Creative Minds: Artists and creators can rejoice in the user-friendly design of these staples. Compatible with T50-style staplers, the installation process is seamless, allowing you to focus on your artistic vision rather than grappling with tools.

Where to Find Your Creative Allies: Ready to infuse your art projects with a touch of magic? Explore our 22 Gauge and Tacker T50 Style A11 Black Colored Upholstery Staples on our website. Elevate your artistic journey with staples that not only hold everything together but also contribute to the visual allure of your creations.

jctla's selection of black heavy duty staples redefine the boundaries of creativity, offering a perfect blend of functionality and visual appeal. Whether you're a seasoned artist or a DIY enthusiast, these staples provide the finishing touch that elevates your projects to new heights. Embrace the magic of hidden staples and let your creativity shine with's solution for canvas and art projects.


22 Gauge

Tacker T50 Style A11 Black Colored Upholstery Staples

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