Collection: L Staples 18 Gauge Narrow Crown Staples 1/4" 6mm Crown x 1/2" 13mm Long in Length 5,000

L Style Staples, Similar to Senco L/Duo-Fast 1800/BeA 90

Narrow Crown 1/4" (6mm)

Length: 1/2" Inches (13mm) to 1-5/8" Inches (41mm)

5,000 Staples Per Box

Case and Pallet Pricing Also Available 

Best for cabinets, casebacks, drawers, upholstery, soffits, underlayment, lattice & insulation sheathing

Fewer jams
Engineered to fit other manufacturers tools
More completed drives
Highest withdrawal values
Less broken collation

For Use In:
Spotnails: W1S4840, W1S4840LM, T1S4825 to 1", W1S4840W6, WS4840W2, WS4840W4, WS4840W5, WS4840W6, WS4840, WS4840LM
BeA: 90/40-621, 90/32-611
Craftsman: 18406 1/2"-1", 18367 1/2"-1 1/2"
Dewalt: DWFP12232, D51420K, D51422K, DWFP1838
Duo-Fast: SS1848F/1832/1848/1848SL, KN1848A, KB1836, BN1832, DNS-1840
Fasco: F21P 90-25A, F20A 90-40, F20T 90-30 CT, F20T 90-40 CT, R3C 90-40 CT
Grip-Rite: GRTSN150
Jamerco: JTS061825 1/2"-1", JTS061838A 1/2"-1 1/2", JTS061838H 1/2"-1"
Josef Kihlberg: PN6040V
Makita: AT638A, AT638
Max: TA238/18-6
Metabo: N3804AB2/3, N3804AB
Porter: NS100B to 1/2"-1", NS150B to 1/2"-1", NSS150, NS100A, NS150A
Rigid: R150FSA
Senco: SLS150MG, SLS20XP-L, SLS25XP-L, SLSXP-L, SLS20-L, SKS-L, SKSN4450, KMN4450, LN4450, SLS18,FinishPro 2N1

Interchangeable With:
4803PG-50M: Senco: L06; Duo-Fast: 1812; Interchange: 32302
4804PG-50M: Senco: L08; Duo-Fast: 1816; Interchange: 32305
4805CG-50M: Senco: L10HAB; Duo-Fast: 1820WGR
4805OCG-50M: Duo-Fast: 1820ICC
4805PG-50M: Senco: L10; Duo-Fast: 1820; Interchange: 32310
4806CG-50M: Senco: L11HAB; Duo-Fast: 1824WGR
4806PG-50M: Senco: L11; Duo-Fast: 1824; Interchange: 32320
4807DG-50M: Bostitch: SX50357/8DP
4807PG-50M: Senco: L12; Duo-Fast: 1828; Interchange: 32330
4808PG-50M: Senco: L13; Duo-Fast: 1832; Interchange: 32340
4809DG-30M: Bostitch: XS50351-1/8DP
4809PG-30M: Senco: L14; Duo-Fast: 1836; Interchange: 32345
4810PG-30M: Senco: L15; Duo-Fast: 1840; Interchange: 32350
4811PG-30M: Senco: L16; Duo-Fast: 1844
4812PG-30M: Senco: L17; Duo-Fast: 1848; Interchange: 32360